The Look of Love

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Nick Bailey, Jordan Baseman, Naomi Dines, Simon Foster-Ogg, Freya Hansell, Stewart Helm, Lucy Heyward, Isaac Julien, David Medalla, Anne Michie, Jayne Parker, Smith/Stewart, Simon Streather

24 April – 1 June 1997

Rear Window, The Approach, 47 Approach Road, London E2

-Tell me honestly, please tell me honestly if what I believe is true.
-What do you believe?
-That it’s the same with you.
-I know you so little.
-It is true, isn’t it?
Noel Coward, Brief Encounters

It’s true, the flames of passion are here. Rear Window’s next exhibition, The Look of Love will be opening on 23 April at the Approach. The work exhibited includes a film, a video projection, a wall drawing, two sound pieces, two embracing televisions, a flattened cat, a bird, a 1940s living room, a slide-projection, a series of photographs, some obsessive knitting, a painting, and a riddle.

Amongst the artists invited are: the kinetic and performance artist David Medalla, the 1991 Cannes Festival Winner, film-maker Isaac Julien, Jordan Baseman and Smith and Stewart.

For this exhibition, Rear Window has taken over all three floors of the Approach Tavern, from the top floor flat (fleeting sex, family life, mourning), through the Approach Gallery (where love is suffused in deep red), to the pub itself, scenes of meetings, partings and flirtation.

A catalogue featuring three texts will be published for the occasion.

The Look of Love The Look of Love The Look of Love
The Look of Love

Freya Hansell, Untitled, installation view, sound piece, The Approach Pub, 1997, Photo: Rear Window

The Look of Love

Anne Miche, Untitled, installation view, mixed media, 3rd Floor, The Approach, 1997, Photo: Rear Window

The Look of Love

The Look of Love, installation view, from left to right, works by David Medalla, Anne Michie, Simon Streather, Naomi Dines, The John Hansard Gallery, 1997, Photo: The John Hansard Gallery