Gabrielle Quinn & Jean-Paul Martinon

  1. Gabrielle Quinn & Jean-Paul Martinon — Larmerieur - Press release
  2. Larmerieur – Jean-Paul Martinon


6 March - 26 March 1993

Rear Window, 58 Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1

Larmerieur is first a text-poem of 8 pages written by Jean-Paul Martinon. He/She is a simple biped or binary filled with blood, a plurality amongst pluralities. It is an unfinished prototype seated at the prow of a coracle and lulled by the sound of the tide.

At the beginning or at the end of some imaginary time span, Larmerieur undergoes an inner abstract journey, symptom of a restless impossible desire to sew up her/his tissue of imaginary inconsistencies.

Fifteen shorter poems accompany this work.

Larmerieur is also Gabrielle Quinn’s visual interpretation of the poem.

The work is unsurprisingly white, simultaneously reflecting everything and blanking everything out. Light, sound, smell and a variety of sterilizing materials are used to sensitize, cleanse, and contaminate the general energy.


Gabrielle Quinn, Larmerieur, installation view, mixed media, 1993, Photo: D. Martin