Simon Levy

Between Location and Identity

8 January - 29 January 1993

Rear Window, 58 Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1

How to redefine dominant assertions on how we locate ourselves within cultural, national and geographic boundaries?

How to understand the passage through the pressure of different migrations, locations; the passage from earlier positions to other accommodations, times and places?

Simon Levy’s geometry makes lines into metaphors for borders and meeting points; charted territory is redrawn, and previously accepted boundaries are re-examined as problems. But surface and light are the starting point for all his moving boundaries.

Between Location and Identity is a show of fifteen new works on canvas, board, and paper in a combination of media from oil on linen to silk paper on acetate.

Simon Levy has studied at St. Martin’s School of Art, has worked in Paris and now lives and works in London.


Simon Levy Simon Levy
Simon Levy

Simon Levy, Migration, oil on canvas, 1993, Photo: D. Martin

Simon Levy

Simon Levy, Between Location and Identity, installation view, oil on canvas, oil on board, 1993, Photo: D. Martin