Peter Cross

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Works on Paper

2 May -27 May 1992

Rear Window, 19 Great Ormond Street, London WC1

Peter Cross’s artwork has centred around two apparently conflicting areas: the subjective and the social. Before he went to art school, he spent several years working in collaboration with other artists using text, photography, slides, film, and installation in an overtly political way, in the areas of left and sexual politics.

After a fine art training, his work in painting has always tried to incorporate structures of communication into the language of painting itself. This took place first through landscape then using patterns and emblems in an increasingly subjective and abstract way.

The Works on Paper presented in this new exhibition take on the convention of abstraction itself but exploring the gap between lived experience and abstract vision.

Their installation in this small commercial space is likewise a subtle effort to break down the interface between the artwork and the exhibition space.

Peter Cross was born in Brazil in 1950. He studied at the University of Sussex, Kingston School of Art and Goldsmiths College. He lives and works in London.


Peter Cross, Works on Paper, installation view, watercolour, paper, glass, 1992, Photo: D. Martin