Rear Window

Rear Window was an independent arts organisation that operated in London between 1992 and 1998. Its aim was to provide public spaces for the display, discussion, and creation of contemporary cultural events. During this period, Rear Window collaborated with and/or presented work by over 80 young or established contemporary artists, writers, and poets. It initiated over 20 site- or theme- specific exhibitions, published new writing, and organised educational programmes. Each project presented, outside the conventions of the gallery space (in and around different frames, themes, media, and locations), new or collaborative work that sought to challenge the ways contemporary visual production is viewed, understood, and analysed.

The present web site does not seek to retrospectively interpret this arts organisation or the times in which it operated. It is simply a fractional archive of images, press releases, and essays produced during that period. Its aim is simply to expose the activities of Rear Window to a new audience and express gratitude to all those who have contributed to its history: funding bodies (The Glass House Trust, The Henry Moore Foundation, The Arts Council of England), partners, lenders, and all the artists for their invaluable contributions. For further information, please email Jean-Paul Martinon:

Richard Apignanesi, Frank Auerbach, Michael Atavar, Nick Bailey, David Barrett, James Barrett, Jordan Baseman, Andrew Benjamin, Sutapa Biswas, Guy Brett, Glenn Brown, Stephen Carter, Jason Coburn, CORE, Peter Cross, Neil Cummings, Alan Curry, Terry Dennet, Naomi Dines, Morgan Doyle, Smadar Dreyfus, Graham Ellard, Bobbie Fennick, Andrea Fisher, Ceal Floyer, Robin Forster, Simon Foster-Ogg, Lyn French, Benvenuto Garofalo, René Gimpel, Pamela Golden, John Goto, Hackney Hospital Service Users, Freya Hansell, Jane Harris, Stewart Helm, Lucy Heyward, John Hyatt, Derek Jarman, Janis Jeffries, Stephen Johnston, Zebedee Jones, Clair Joy, Isaac Julien, Peter Kennard, Joan Key, Jiri Kratochvil, Rosa Lee, Linda Levinson, Simon Levy, Marysia Lewandowska, Michael Lewis, Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger, Olivia Lloyd, Brad Lochore, Alexandra McGlynn, Lynn MacRitchie, Jean-Paul Martinon, Giuseppe Mastruzzo, David Medalla, Anne Michie, Paul Montair, Avis Newman, Virginia Nimarkoh, Claire Pajaczkowska, Jayne Parker, Jonathan Parsons, João Penalva, Jacqueline Pennell, Roxane Permar, Hadrian Pigott, Graham Plumb, Gabrielle Quinn, Andrew Renton, Orlan Ryan, Jane Roberts, Donald Rodney, Caterina Sabam, Alex Sainsbury, Richard Salmon, Rebecca Scott, John Seth, Yuko Shiraishi, Kate Smith, Terry Smith, Smith/Stewart, Jo Spence, Simon Streather, George Steiner, Juliet Steyn, John Stezaker, Anne Tallentire, Amikam Toren, Suzanne Treister, Derek Walcott, Suzanne Walther, Mark Wallinger, David Ward, Nicole Ward-Jouve, Richard Wentworth, Catherine Yass

Jordan Baseman, Untitled, Hackney Hospital, 1995

Jordan Baseman, Untitled, Hackney Hospital, 1995. Photo: John Riddy